Apply for a bursary.

Bursary Committee

After applying for a bursary, the bursary committee will review your application and determine the amount of financial assistance that can be given. When reviewing applications, the committee does not see any personally identifying information. The only people with access to view the applications are the Equity Officer, Vice-President Student Affairs, and the Director of IT (in an IT support capacity).

The committee consists of:

  • Equity Officer (ex-officio)(Chair)
  • Director of Conferences (ex-officio)
  • Director of Design (ex-officio)
  • Orientation Chair or their designate (ex-officio)
  • Campus Equipment Outfitters (CEO) Head Manager or their designate (ex-officio)
  • Science Formal Convener or their designate (ex-officio)
  • Englinks Head Manager or their designate (ex-officio)
  • An odd number of at least 3 non-Executive members of the Engineering Society Council elected at the second session of Council in the Fall term.

In the summer term, the bursary committee consists of the Executive, Equity Officer (chair) and the Orientation Chair (ex-officio).

You will be contacted by the Equity Officer detailing the bursary itself, and how to obtain it.